Eco Power gives you the home you’ve been dreaming of

the energy-efficient house

Who we are

We are the ones who will build the house you have always been dreaming of, with an efficient energy consumption, using state of the art technologies and materials while also protecting the environment.

What we do

We build your house. Not a simple and ordinary one, but one where you will truly feel like home, at the same time helping you create a new lifestyle, in an environment of continuous comfort and relaxation.

What we sell

The energy-efficient house, built using materials and technologies which assure the maintaining of the interior heat and help save loads of energy and, implicitly, heating money.

Green is the new black! Green living is more than a current trend:helps sustain our natural resources and saves money on your energy bills Going green never looked this good...Step inside...ONE of THE MOST efficient homes It never looked so good to go green...

Nora Nechita / Hamilton / Ontario

Locally owned and operated, Eco Power-Home is committed to building homes of the highest quality in a way that is responsible not only to our customers, but also to our environment. As a Cluj-Napoca home-builder, we are dedicated to providing our customers with integrity in the construction of our homes and throughout the home buying process.

Călin Andrei / GMCL Property Solutions / USA

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about you. I know Dorin for a very short period of time. But, what I discovered is that he's got a practical approach and an intelligent mind. The best part I praise about him, is how he follows his passion. He is the epitome of PASSION: injecting passion on all he does. Passion for life, passion for arts and most of all passion for his job. He is a dynamic and giving professional. Always ready to lead and inspire his peers. Extremely confident and dependable, seeing through commitments, he demonstrates creative thinking. Enthusiasm... Passion... Skilled... Focused organizational skills... Wishing you all the best on your new endeavour.

Nora Nechita / Hamilton / Ontario

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About Cluj and its surroundings

Cluj-Napoca is the second largest city in Romania and the largest in Transylvania. History, culture and modernism perfectly blend into the cosmopolitan and multicultural space of Cluj, creating an ideal environment for both residents and tourists.

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all about the energy-efficient house

The energy-efficient house, more and more appreciated by Romanians


The annual energy bill of an energy-efficient house, under €2000


Getting the energy performance certificate for the energy-efficient house


Eco Power

energy-efficient house
Eco Power

The company that builds your dream house

Glad to see you finally found us! Eco Power is here to build the house that you've always dreamed of, just as you've imagined it, and with some extra benefits you probably did not even think of until now.

The houses Eco Power builds are energy-efficient, requiring low consumption of heating resources, helping both to save money on the long-term and to protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint.

The materials Eco Power uses and the way buildings are built ensure energy efficiency, and the architecture and design of our houses do not differ in any way from those of conventional houses.

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